About Us

OMline Mall is a one stop shop for all your health and healing, your spiritual practice and your well-being needs. Here you will find everything from yoga and meditation clothing, herbal medicine, incense, deities and empowering and inspiring books to home exercise machine and infrared saunas. OMline mall is OMline Ashram’s Health and Spiritual network of stores that were created to supply you with the very best tools for the attainment of Radiant Health and Self Realization

OMline Ashram was created by OM and Ananda as a training ground for seers. We aim to eradicate suffering and promote health and well-being. We train spiritual seekers in Yoga, meditation, Alkaline Raw vegan cooking and self-sustenance. Our disciplines include: Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Positive thinking, Concentration and Meditation, universal devotional practices, chanting, selfless service, creative work and much more…We study and practice all 4 major paths of Yoga and their offshoots… Raja Yoga (Hatha yoga is only one of its 8 limbs), Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga. To train with us and take control over your health and your life on every level…Enter the free Academy.

OMline Ashram brings the Ashram experience and much more right into your home.

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